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Find cargo port information for Eastport, Bangor, Bucksport, and Winterport on the Penobscot River, Searsport, and Portland Harbor in Casco Bay, Maine. Check coastal conditions for weather, tide, wind, and sea conditions and safety provision from the US Coast Guard, as well as pilotage information from the Maine Pilotage Commision. Recreational boating is a popular Maine pasttime. Browse our collection of charts, cruising guides, events, and boat shows in Southern Maine, Casco Bay, the Midcoast, Penobscot Bay, and Downeast / Acadia. Ferry schedules and cruise line information is available for the Cat with service from Portland and Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Locate transportation resources including shipping, trucking, railroad and air freight services in Maine.

Snow Removal RFP 2014



Can snow be removed to a municipal dumping site, or will the selected entity have to provide a location to dump the snow?
The Maine Port Authority does not provide a designated area off-site to deposit snow. It is up to the selected entity to secure a location for snow removed from the premises.

What should the total bid amount reflect?
The bid amount should reflect total cost of all aspects of snow removal for the season. The Maine Port Authority encourages bidders to itemize the separate costs that make up the total amount.

How does the selected entity obtain the salt, and where does the selected entity pick it up?
All salt will be delivered directly from the Department of Transportation to the selected entity's facility. The selected entity will notify the Department of Transportation how much salt is needed, and the DoT will place that order with the salt supplier to be delivered to the selected entity's facility.